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New service offered:
We are offering HIPAA compliant tele-therapy

Total Spectrum Counseling offering family coaching for neurodivergent people

Brief virtual family coaching for neurodivergent people. This coaching service is offered worldwide. Those of us who have family members who are highly sensitive, ADHD, autistic, psychotic spectrum, etc are experiencing conflict as all of our sensory, energy, and social needs are clashing. It is essential that these needs be addressed before they create strife that can trigger terrible psychological experiences and/or emergencies. In just a few sessions, we can help you better survive and thrive during this period of isolation.

Total Spectrum Counseling believes in Nick Walker’s Golden Rule of Neurodiversity: Respect the bodily, sensory, and cognitive needs of others as you would want your own to be respected, whether or not you understand the reasons for those needs.

By leading with this, we create a space to talk non-judgmentally and openly about clashing needs so that families can prepare to care for each other in these oft neglected ways and avoid psychological emergencies.

As the Corona Virus continues to spread, and anxieties increase, we want you to know we understand. People's health, livelihoods, friendships, and family members are at stake. We are willing to hear you out and we won't dismiss or judge your worries.

We are offering HIPAA compliant tele-therapy to those who need it in both California and Colorado. We are culturally sensitive neurodivergent therapists who specialize in working with neurodivergent and neurotypical people with all sorts of difficulties.

Welcome to Total Spectrum Counseling

Sometimes life's challenges seem insurmountable. We are constantly growing, learning, evolving; today is merely the scaffolding for your next self. At Total Spectrum Counseling, we are passionate about the art and science of psychotherapy. Our unique skill sets and therapeutic specialties make Total Spectrum Counseling an ideal place to build a meaningful therapeutic relationship. Our specialty areas include the Autism Spectrum, trauma and grief, anxiety, depression, special needs, and relationship conflict.

We encourage you to check out our blogs if you are interested in learning more about our approach and thoughts regarding various psychological phenomena.


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Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM)

Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM)

TRM is based on the most recent scientific understanding of trauma and recovery.

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Psychological Assessments


Psychological Assessment has been the cornerstone of the mental health field for over a hundred years.

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Autism Spectrum


For over a decade, Brittany has worked with individuals on the Autism Spectrum and alongside families with children with special needs in many capacities, including advocacy and family therapy.

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"What you are to be, you are now becoming."
- Carl Rogers


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I recently joined a Facebook support group for adults with ADHD (which I have). I have been very saddened to see that so many there see themselves as deficient and that medications are the only answer to their problems.

Disorganized Attachment

Many clients who end up in the therapeutic chair or couch are impacted by a disorganized attachment style. Disorganized attachment serves as a diathesis (risk factor)

Autistic Females - Hidden for Too Long

While it is true that there seems to be many more autistic males than females, new research combined with testimonials of many hidden autistic women suggest that the sex-gap may be narrowing. The diagnostic criteria for identifying autism in the DSM is highly male-centric.