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Brittany Boveé Schwartz, LCSW

Let me start by sharing something about me. I am not like other therapists – heck, I’m not like most people! I am somewhat quirky, silly, humorous, and blunt at times. Growing up thinking differently has keyed me into aspects of the human experience unseen by those who easily fit in.

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Joel Schwartz, PsyD

I specialize in psychodynamic and humanistic therapies - forms of therapy that see the whole person, not just a label or a symptom. I further utilize tools from other therapies to best serve each client with whom I work. I specialize in psychological testing/assessment of adolescents and adults

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Shawna Campbell, Associate

I am a humanistic therapist with a nonjudgmental approach. I am typically described as warm, relatable, and engaged. I have an ability to be direct while conveying my acceptance.

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Amaris Avellan, M.A.

My approach to assessment and therapy can be described as person-centered with consideration given to culture, authenticity, and exploration of purpose.

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Lindsey Anderson (AMFT) and (APCC)

My passion is researching and developing Neurodivergent Queer Affirming therapy models which uplift neurodiversity, disability empowerment, and mental health.

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Peaceful Pier

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.”

—Emma Stone